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SECTIONAL Coloured Polypro Hoops

That sectional feeling!


We remain as always part time. Hoops can be ordered up to midday Tuesday and are made Wednesday and shipped either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

Sectional coloured polypro travel hoops!! YAY. You asked and we are answering! We are delighted to offer Sectional hoops in either 5 or 3 sections at the minute. Perfect for suitcases or strapping to a backpack these are the ultimate breakdown travel hoop for those on the move. Choose up to 5 colours to create your own unique look. Each hoop is handmade with care using polycarbonate connections and push buttons to create the best connections we can.

Although sections can be interchangeable, each piece is really made to fit seamlessly with its adjacent piece. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you connect the individual sections of the hoop together in their original configuration to ensure a beautiful round hoop! We will let you know the way they go and we make them in the order that you order them in 🙂

Why the price?!! I know these are an investment. We use polycarb because it gives the best fit. Each section requires an extra connector and an extra button. Each section needs measured and remeasured. Sometimes they need heated and adjusted to make sure they are right. It costs a lot more in time and components. We’re making it work for you and for us so this is the starting price we are working from. It may go up based on the reality of how long these are actually going to take us to make! (I am the eternal optimist when it comes to how long it takes to make hoops). We are part time and we ship our hoops 1-2 times a week let us know if it’s urgent!

Order, Enjoy, Take on amazing adventures. Send us pictures we will put you on our insta!

We hope you love them x

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