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HoopSpin is proud to supply the UK and Europe with an extensive range of stunning coloured/clear polypro hoops. 

POLYPRO HOOPS 16mm/20mm: Beautiful coloured polypro in both 5/8ths and 3/4 inch tubing. Shiny and sparkly and perfect for shows and practice and alllll the hoop things! 16mm hoops are around 200gm,  20mm hoops are around 250gm depending on size!

GOLDILOCKS 17.5mm: Goldilocks hoops are sized just right. The tubing diameter is 17.5mm but the  tubing wall is thicker than normal polypro making it heavier and sturdier. This makes it an excellent first polypro as it’s easy on the hands but still has some weight behind it! It also makes them perfect for multi hooping on body as they are smaller diameter but have enough weight to help maintain those rotations! Weigh approx 300gms each depending on size.

CLEAR/NATURAL POLYPRO: Perfect for taping/practice or making LED hoops. This is the original naked polypro hoop. Available in 16mm/17.5mm/20mm tubing. We only sell these as made up hoops not as tubing!

Polypro Hoops


16/19mm HOOPS

Goldilocks Hoops


17.5mm HOOPS

Clear Polypro


16/17.5/19mm HOOPS

HoopSpin are now massively excited to launch our range of bulk coloured polypro tubing options for those who need a more economical option and want to DIY!!! Explore our colour options and hoop shop here. 

NB: We are part time and ship our hoops 1-2 times a week. Please let us know if your order is urgent.


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