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Goldilocks Polypro Hoop Shop

 We are stocking brand new Goldilocks tubing in Clear, Purple Opal, Green Opal, UV Blue, Valentina UV Pink, UV Yellow, Rose Gold Medusa and Poseidon! . Please explore and look around and check our hoop care page. We ship to the UK and Europe but drop us an email if you are further afield we have shipped to China, New Zealand and Australia before! Only the sizes and colours listed on the website are available at that time. For info on Fire and LED hoops check out our FAQ’s section.

  For postage and dispatch info please see terms and conditions.
We are part time and ship twice a week. 
All our hoops are collapsible and all measurements are the outer diameter.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions
(Unless the question is are there other sizes and colours available, in which case see above!)

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