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HoopSpin love our beginner hoop range. We are excited to supply people with their first hoops, help you get the perfect gift or supply hoops for those people who love to body rock. We offer adult hula hoops in 20mm and 25 mm MDPE tubing. All our beginner hoops are travel hoops and are available for shipping within the UK and Europe. Beginner Hoops are shipped twice weekly. All hoops are shipped within 7 days. Please check Terms and conditions for shipping details.

These hoops are perfect for beginners or those that prefer a heavier hoop: 25mm hoops are thicker, heavier and easier for waist or on-body hooping. If you have particularly slight build or want to do a lot of off-body hooping, a lighter 20mm hoop may be preferable. Bigger is better when it comes to your first hoop.
The bigger and heavier the hoop is the slower it rotates and the easier it is to adjust your body and maintain the rotation. A general rule is to order a hoop that is 1 – 2 inches more than the distance from the floor to your belly button. If you are a tiny build I would go with just up to your belly button, if you are a little heavier add a couple more inches. There are some good videos on youtube on hoop size should you need further help!

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