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REFER YOUR FRIENDS: Get 10% discount each.


It’s super easy! Sign up below and get your own referral link. Share it with your friends they get 10% off their first purchase and you get 10% discount on your next purchase. Share it don’t spam it. Spam makes people sad inside. Read the rules tis fun.

RULE ONE:  I made this page of the website myself. Please excuse it’s appearance until my lovely developer friend can fix it. Do not mock me. I try….



1) Your friend is a new customer and can only use the code once. We check!
2) You can’t use your own code. We check!
3) Referrer codes are only applicable on polypro hoops and cuts not on full coils.
4) Referer codes can only be used once and will self destruct in 3, 2, …..
5) Codes can not be applied retrospectively i.e.once your order is placed. No exceptions. We can’t fix it. Please order responsibly.
6) PLOT TWIST: If you want to exchange your 10% discount for direct credit this is possible 1 code = £1.50 credit e.g. You’re good at this you have like 7 10% discount codes you will be purchasing hoops until doomsday before you have used them all. You can email me all your codes and I will check them and exchange them for a store coupon e.g. 7 codes = £10.50. I hope this makes sense.
7) Don’t abuse the system we will find out and tell your Mum/Dad/legal guardians and remove your credit. e.g. no posting your code on discount sites or conspiring in some way I haven’t thought of to trick the system! It will be mortifying for both of us. Don’t do it. ORDERS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL PAID IN FULL IF YOU BREAK THE RULES!

This is a trial for one month (credit is valid for a year though unless you broke rule 7) but hopefully forever. I reserve the right to stop the scheme at any point and to update it to make it better. I really hope it works and we can reward you lovely people. I appreciate you recommending me to you friends so much. If the scheme stops your credit will still be upheld. I’d love your feedback on how it’s working for you!

Get referring; more hoops = more fun

Love Gail