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Coloured Polypro TUBING

The whole hoop kit and caboodle!!



We are doing this!!!! We are so excited to be offering a supply of coloured tubing to the UK and Europe from Hoopologie. For those who’s budget doesn’t stretch to custom charges and high shipping costs, who want to make hoops for their students or for those who simply love to DIY we now have coloured polypro pipe available in a rainbow of colours in 10, 20 and 50 ft lengths. We are proud to be an international reseller for Hoopologie.  We are totally up for handling larger orders. Contact us for wholesale enquiries! NB: Wholesale orders are for tubing ONLY. For cuts: 4 inches of connector tubing, 1 rivet and one push button are supplied with every 10ft of tubing. Tape and accessories can be picked up at Fancy Tapes. See our how to make polypro hoops page  for hoop making info!

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